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>> announcer: abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. good morning, i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. we have a severe traffic situation on the peninsula. pictures of a stopped highway 101 this is because of downed lines across the highway. this is 101 on the menlo park and redwood city border, chp on the freeway. >> you have the firefighters there as well. here's a look at where there is on the peninsula, all lanes highway 101 closed at marsh road.
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good morning officer can you tell us what happened? >> good morning. around 9:15, it is under investigation we are not sure power lines were knocked across all lanes of the freeway affecting eight lines of -- it lanes of traffic causing everything to be at a standstill traffic directed northbound marsh southbound to woodside. >> looks like progress is being made while you started talking looks like the southbound lanes may be open is that right or is that the northbound? it looks like one direction is moving the other still backed up. >> yes, correct we have one direction open. we should have the other direction open momentarily. we are going to open all lanes. >> anybody injured? >> we don't have injuries at
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this time. we are trying to determine why the lines did come down on the was there a car windshield hit by in? >> i'm sorry, i don't have that information right now. i do know that a line did come across a vehicle there was no injuries as a result. >> that's good news. big back-up now. officer thank you. >> would you still advise people to take an alternate or they should hang tight? >> we would suggest alternate routes because there is probably a delay because it was closed quite a length of time. we suggest taking alternate routes until later on then the traffic will pick back up. >> officer, it does look like from this advantage point it is northbound lanes that open. southbound still waiting. we'll continue to check back, thank you for that information. >> you're welcome.
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right now the family and friends of a gunned down chp officer are dealing with enormous grief making plans for a memorial to honor officer kenyon youngstrom he was removed from life support last night after being shot on duty two days ago. >> reporter: tough day for workers to come near to work today. the community is doing what it can to ease their pain. look at this sign greeting officers as they arrive at work here today in martinez this is one of several examples of the community taking care of its highway patrol. chp officers solemnly gathered around the flagpole this morning to watch as the flag was lowered to half-staff this is the office where kenyon youngstrom reported for duty. many of his co-workers had tears as they arrived for work today. the officer was taken off life support and died last night. the 37-year-old married father of four was shot to death
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during a traffic stop tuesday morning. >> it was the most less thing i've seen in my life. >> reporter: vick did was one of several people who stopped by the office today with flowers with to show the officers they support them and appreciate what they do. >> it is just sad he got shot. it is senseless and i cried. i was crying when i heard. >> reporter: randy stewart says he was pulled over by officer youngstrom a couple of years ago because his trailer wasn't properly hitched to his car. >> he didn't even ticket me. he just told me that i needed to rig it correctly so i wouldn't lose the trailer. nice guy. i could have been ticketed. i just feel really bad. >> reporter: emergency responders also stopped by including some that heard the call on the radio tuesday morning. division chief darryl lee says it was tough to listen to the anxious voices and not be there to help. >> we know it was a bad call.
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and you know somebody was hurt. and it wasn't going to be good. >> we work with chp all the time on the freeways. to lose one is like losing a family member. >> reporter: the chp is still working on plans for a public memorial. no one has set a date or place yet we will get that information to you as soon as they let us know. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. people who wish to donate to officer youngstrom's family can visit any wells fargo branch mention his name and ask funds be contributed to the trust account in his name. >> we've received thousands of condolences for the officer's family, friends and colleagues on our facebook page: my heart goes out to the family thank you for your sacrifice no higher calling and no greater sacrifice i'm sorry for your loss. thank you to officer
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youngstrom for all you gave may god watch over your family and friends during this sad time, god bless. join news expressing your condolences on our facebook page father of the gunman christopher boone lacy is expected to meet with the d.a.'s office to talk about the case. lacy moved to tehama county in march 2011. he was a freelance computer programmer who used this website to look for work and dates. he claimed to have done contract work for several companies. a business owner confirmed lacy worked for him last year for four months. he said even then he concerns. sometimes you can tell when people have -- they seem to be nice and conversational and everything, but you can tell underneath that they're
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angry, i would say. >> lacy's father tells us he saw mental problems from his son while he was growing up. he said his son suffered a psychotic break down during his senior year at san francisco state and diagnosed as bipolar. an australian tourist in hawaii who killed a vacaville tourist while jet skiing is expected in court today he crashed into 16-year-old august 5th. today a judge sentenced them to time served, which was 12 days in jail. he was also ordered to pay a fine of $78,000. not before the court heard from the girl's mother. >> i go into her room every so often to lay in her bed. to smell her pillow. >> police say he was speeding and not paying attention when he slammed into the girl.
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the family is suing him and the jet skiing company. oakland athletics report pitcher mccarthy is doing fine after a scary moment in a split second a line drive smacked him in the head yesterday. mccarthy walk weighed on his own and appeared to be okay. you can see he had his bell rung severely. mccarthy will not fly with the a's when they head to seattle today. security scare on umar abdulmutallab airways flight turns out to be a hoax. -- on a u.s. airways flight turns out to be a hoax. last night former president clinton fired up the crowd at the democratic convention. she may be president clinton's biggest critic hear what the secretary of state had to say about her husband's con shrepbgs speech thousan
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we return to you our breaking news store. highway 101 on the peninsula around redwood city/menlo park border. there were downed fiber optic lines blocking both directions had the freeway closed. >> we thought it was a power line. terry mcsweeney is live in that traffic back-up marsh and
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redwood city by the menlo park line. >> reporter: i see a lot of people who are just beginning to move the traffic you see moving so slow is northbound 101 at marsh road. the traffic you see moving at the limit is southbound. there was nobody on that freeway southbound when we got here 10 minutes ago this is all happening in the past 10 minutes they've just roped all lanes both directions it is going to -- just reopened all lanes both directions. it is going to take a while to sort this out. when the line came down turned out to be a fiber optic line that came down across all lanes of 101 it was believed to be live, turned out to be fiber optic line. up to sky 7 you can get a better idea this is going to take time to figure out. fiber optic line, no threat, they didn't know that they closed all lanes that i have seen some chp cars trying to get past all of these cars and
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he didn't get far. then the lanes reopened and chp car turned around and came back up the wrong direction on an on-ramp to get out of this. you can see it slowly unfurling this traffic jam goes on and on and it is going to go on for sometime now all eight lanes are blocked. as you take marsh towards middle field road is also a mess, a lot of people saw this traffic jam, were not aware things going to get better, hopped off, got into another jam in the city streets of menlo park. good news for everybody, lanes are all reopened -- all reopened it is just going to take time to get anybody close to getting anywhere. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. we will continue to follow that on news that at least we have sunny skies. saw that sunshine out
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there different than this time yesterday which means unfortunately, no more rainbows but i pictures of them. coming up in your forecast. we'll show you where the storms are going to be today and tomorrow and a dry weekend
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now your voice your vote president obama takes the tonight to accept his party's nomination after he gave former president clinton a big bear hug for his rousing endorsement last night and his blistering tack on mitt romney and the gop. they want to cut taxes for -- for high income americans even more than president bush did they want to get rid of regulations designed to prevent another crash. as another president once said, there they go again. >> speeches make you feel good for a little while. the american people don't think we are better off than four years ago and they are going to want a change. >> paul ryan attended a rally in colorado springs where he told supporters the rights of
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americans come from nature and god and not from government. >> mark matthews will be reporting live from charlotte, north carolina today get updates by following him on our facebook page mark is also tweeting. abc news will have live coverage of the final night 7:00 here on abc 7. among those praising president clinton's speech is his wife. she watched a recorded version during her stay in east timor today, 10,000 miles from north carolina. the state department provided this photo, secretary clinton poked fun at her husband's practice of ad libing during his speeches. >> my husband read parts of his speech to me over the last few days. i received the as prepared version, which i'm anxious, when i can to compare with the as delivered version. [ laughing ]
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>> clinton noted that it was american political tradition for secretaries of state to not attend party conventions being the state'sman or woman she was on a trip to asia. >> she had fun with that. mike showing us sun today. >> got a lot. there you go most of the low clouds retreat together coast high clouds pushed to our south and east live doppler 7 hd will show these clouds over mount diablo don't have moisture compared to yesterday we are not seeing the virga which created the rainbow we saw yesterday many moisture around santa barbara barbara heading towards bakersfield, -- as far as the rainbow from yesterday this is the way it looked in clayton yesterday 7:30 you can see the virga creating the double rain bow
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it was seen just about -- the rainbow, it was seen just about everywhere here's another shot from the mission of that double rainbow rare treat here in case you didn't see it go ahead and take a look send any of your pictures to ureport we would love to show them and share them. let's talk about today. less storms, less cloud cover, more dry air, more sunshine, more warmth. coast and bay clouds some may slip into the east bay valleys. if you liked the weather to be a nonfactor, comfortable goldilocks just right that's the kind of weekend we are going to have. back closer to averages, san francisco three degrees warmer to eight in concord. san francisco 60s san jose 80 with cupertino 76 palo alto,
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68 millbrae. mid 50s to near 60 coast, mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito. real warmth ukiah 89, 30° cooler in bodega bay 58°. 68 berkeley, 70 richmond. east bay valleys mid to upper 80s today. monterey bay 74 at santa cruz 10° cooler, 63 monterey radar returns along the sierra, not back towards l.a., palm springs and san diego drier the next couple of days. the weekend going to be near 80 san diego 90 l.a.. tonight clouds around the bay, coast, back in the 50s. drop a few degrees tomorrow we
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hang out in the mid 80s inland friday to sunday, mid 70s bay, mid to upper 50s coast. a little spike in temperatures monday then they return back to average tuesday and wednesday more of a typical september forecast than yesterday. we have this breaking news now the fbi in philadelphia want to know who that person was who called in a hoax that forced a jetliner to make an unscheduled landing this morning. us airways flight had to return to philadelphia after it took off for dallas somebody called authorities claiming a man on that flight had a dangerous substance. a bomb squad searched the plane and found nothing that man is not a suspect and didn't do anything wrong. police call the hoax a nasty trick. less than an hour from now, bells will be ringing in san francisco's union square. it is a tradition we were hoping to have those bells, we
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don't. muni's top crew will battle it out for the title of world champion cable car ringer today's event will feature an amateur contest followed by the main event. [ bells ringing ] >> that event is free. this is video from a past competition. a lot of folks like to try that out even the amateurs, i tried it once it is harder than you >> stay with us, a treat for chocolate lovers this weekend.
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next monday all new afternoon debuts katie the new daytime talk show with katie couric starts september 10th, 3 p.m. before abc7 news at 4:00. >> today at 4:00, 7 on your side looks at new group of americans feeling the economic pinch more than ever. then at 5, u.s. doctor's quick thinking save a young girl from a disease that wiped out millions of europeans in the middle ages. those stories and more later today. we change the subject here enjoying lots of chocolate and the voice of joan crawford. don sanchez has what's hot.
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